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Expand your camera angles way beyond the shoreline. Off the east coast of the African continent, there is a mesmerizing location you may want to consider. Allow its scenery and vibrant wildlife to entice your creativity. Filming in Madagascar will certainly top your expectations. And with a team of experts in video production by your side, you know things will run smoothly from day one. Get your settings prepared for the unique contrast between raw landscape and urbanity. Capture the most flattering shots, as Fixer Madagascar shows you the true gems. For commercial or news productions, trust us to be your dedicated journalist fixer.Filming in Madagascar

Rely on our experienced location manager to be at your disposal at any time. Discover the whereabouts of this island’s most stunning spots. And while we handle the film permit bureaucracy, indulge your eyes in diversity. From the white sand beaches to the mesmerizing Avenue of the Baobabs, there is so much to see and shoot.

While the local infrastructure may not be at its best, you can still enjoy filming in Madagascar. Thanks to our nationwide network of collaborators, production is an ocean breeze.

For your convenience, we handle film permits, crew hiring, and more. Our team ensures everything is ready on set, so your filming experience is hassle-free. Equipment rental or work permit counseling are also part of our portfolio. Whenever you are planning to shoot your next film on the world’s second island-country, call us. Fixer Madagascar provides the local production support you need, on the spot!

Benefits Of Working With A Fixer In Madagascar

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For successful video production, you need access to top resources, in any location. Ensure you get the results you want when filming in Madagascar. Count on us for top-of-the-line production assistance. We know tasks like location scouting or equipment rental can become nerve-racking.

As a leading film fixer in Madagascar, we dare to say we have a solution to these problems. Trust a local guide to show you the way through the jungle of bureaucracy. Our expert crew here, at Fixer Madagascar, provides more than basic support. We want you to get a genuine perspective of this country’s richness. Beyond the viewfinder, explore the most telegenic locations or fascinating traditions. 

There is a unique blend of South Asian and African influences, truly enthralling. With Fixer Madagascar by your side, you get to capture it from the most flattering angle. Rely on our support to get incredible results without robbing a bank. Access to top-notch resources at local prices is our offer. It is what a passionate film fixer in Madagascar can help you achieve. Feel free to roam the sea or walk the shore in search of your perfect shot. Meanwhile, we keep a close eye on the formalities, so nothing breaks your creative flow. 

We are the top choice of many international filmmakers filming in Madagascar. Drop us a message and we can give you a sample of what our team is capable of. Get ready to dive into an ocean of opportunities. Fixer Madagascar is the team you deserve!


Filming In Madagascar With Us

Far beyond its pristine beaches or colonial ruins, Madagascar has a lot to offer. Lush vegetation, arid zones, and striking contrasts make a strong photogenic impression. And with the proper production assistance, stunning shots are an ocean breeze. Filming in Madagascar gets more appealing when you know you have all you need. The local infrastructure and film industry may be far from modern standards still. 

But even in the most remote corners of this island, we can assist you from day one of shooting. Bringing the adequate equipment, gathering a qualified crew, we get it all done. If you worry about getting the film permit in time or finding a reliable location manager, just breathe. We make your worries vanish, just as the traces of a wave on the white sand.Madagascar Production Service

Fixer Madagascar is not your average team of production fixers. We put passion and dedicate ourselves fully to provide top production assistance. Your vision always comes first for us. Filming in Madagascar takes a whole new dimension with our support. Our professionals are flexible and always willing to go the extra mile. Whether large or small scale, your production will be on a roll with Fixer Madagascar.

Documentary filming, commercials, or movie production are all part of our portfolio. Our mission is to offer foreign filmmakers access to the most suitable local resources. We can offer you the most convenient deals on crew for hire or gear rental and more. Rely on Fixer Madagascar for a unique and customized filming experience!

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