Filming in Madagascar

Whale-watching, lemur or bird spotting, off-road driving, there is so much to experience. And when you do it all through the viewfinder, you want to have the best spots. Luckily, filming in Madagascar poses no risk of overstepping crowds. As only about 350,000 tourists visit the island each year, you get to shoot raw beauty uninterrupted. Having a place all for yourself is bliss for any filmmaker. And to ensure things go swell, we can assist with the film permits and more. Rely on us to be your devoted production fixer in Madagascar and enjoy top locations and support. Get ready for an unforgettable filming experience!

Production Assistance & Access For Filming In Madagascar

Documentary or commercial video find their most suitable setting in unexpected locations. We know how filming in Madagascar can be both enthralling and challenging. To ensure you get the production assistance you need for your next video, we come to the rescue. Get the ultimate location scout or cameraman to work next to you. Dare to ask for all the resources you need and we can make it happen. 

For visa or government approvals, believe us when we say the roads can get bumpy. Filming in Madagascar is unique and here is where our local support proves to be most precious. We have the means and knowledge to contact the adequate film authorities. With our support, you will be fully prepared to shoot according to schedule. Partner up with us and enjoy top production assistance.

The local film industry may still be developing, but that should not stand in your way. While some resources may be scarce, a resourceful team like ours can fix any issue. Filming in Madagascar becomes as easy as a stroll by the beach with the right crew by your side. Drop us a message and let’s talk more about your shooting perspectives on this island!

Film Permits Madagascar

Getting Film Permits In Madagascar

If you dream of sunset shots with baobabs, get ready for filming in Madagascar. While its unique locations can cause an eyegasm, getting film permits may be tricky. Given the level of development of this island-country, local support proves essential. If you are looking for a hassle-free production, get in touch. Fixer Madagascar has the answer to every question or need you may have. With the help of a professional, even the most tangled protocols feel accessible. 

To avoid any production delays, documentation needs to be in place from the very beginning. For commercial videos or full-scale blockbusters, a National Film Permit is mandatory. Handling formalities from across borders can be expensive and frustrating.

Fixer Madagascar can assist you from day one with all the formalities. Our local crew can handle the details on the spot and obtain your film permits in a matter of days. Bringing gear from outside the island can also be a nagging task due to customs clearance.

Procedures for filming in Madagascar are sometimes less predictable and may involve various costs. Allow us to guide you through the documentation with ease. Count on Fixer Madagascar to untangle film permits bureaucracy for you!

Filming in Madagascar

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives For Filming In Madagascar

Filming in any location across the world is always better with local support. Besides the help of a production fixer, there is one more thing that can make shooting abroad better. And that is governmental support, under the form of tax incentives. These contribute greatly to developing the local videography industry as well. And filming in Madagascar is no exception from this rule.

At the moment, however, there is no tax rebate scheme available. This applies to both local and foreign filmmakers.

The past few decades mark the country’s struggle to emerge from instability in many areas. Due to political and economic divergences, many industries are currently underdeveloped. That includes cinematography as well, even though the island boasts potential. For a foreign production companies to shoot here, a consistent budget is essential. The local authorities cannot provide any incentives to filmmakers coming from abroad. So you should be able to afford all your expenses related to filming in Madagascar.

While tax rebate may not be accessible, we can still add up to your filming experience. Team up with a top production company in Madagascar and enjoy access to local resources. Accessible and adjusted to your budget, our customized services ensure filming is stress-free.

filming in Madagascar