Film Permits & Locations

The land of baobabs and lemurs will enchant your visionary eye as soon as you set foot on it. To ensure you get an extensive perspective over Madagascar filming locations, contact us. We have the local know-how and experience to find our way through the jungle. Skip the potholes and take the scenic route while filming here. Our location manager can show you around and help you access the best spots across the island. If you have plans of shooting in a national park or reserve, let us assist with the film permits too. Drop us a message and let’s talk filming!

Madagascar Filming Locations – Antananarivo

All across the globe, a country’s capital is always one of the leading centers for film production. Among Madagascar filming locations, Antananarivo surely stands out. The country’s largest city is where you can find various production resources. It is a great starting point for expeditions across other areas of the island as well. If filming in Antananarivo is on your list,  let us tell you more about the most notable local attractions. Places like the ruins of the Rova Palace Complex have an important historical value. The Ambohimanga traditional fortified royal settlement, along with the palaces, are also impressive. The old Haute-Ville district preserves some traces of the French colonial architecture. To help you shoot full scenes or b-roll in the capital worry-free, let us assist with the film permits. Count on our production assistance for top results. Fixer Madagascar is the local support supplier you need and want!

Madagascar Filming Locations Antananarivo

Filming in Mahajanga

Your viewfinder will be in awe in some of the Madagascar filming locations. Take for example the north-west part of the island. Filming in Mahajanga can surprise you through a diversity of landscapes. Think about the stunning shots you could get in the Cirque Rouge, a unique red-cliffed canyon. Or prepare for an unearthly adventure among the mangroves of the Bombetoka Bay. Wherever you decide to shoot, count on our production support.

We make sure you do not miss the gear or crew necessary to get things done. Collaborating with us as your production fixer takes the weight off your shoulders. Focus on being creative and leave the process of getting film permits in Madagascar to us. Expand your cinematographic horizons wherever you find most enthralling. For the most creative video concepts, rely on us to be the production fixer you have been looking for. We are Fixer Madagascar, at your service!

Madagascar Filming Locations  mahajanga

Madagascar Filming Locations – Morondava

Madagascar filming locations are most picturesque near Morondava. Found on the west coast, this town is the main gateway to the Avenue of Baobabs. But set no limits to your video production. Explore further north for on-the-edge shots in the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. The remarkable jagged limestone pinnacles can add a suspenseful touch to any storyline. Among rope bridges and walkways, your action plotline could take shape. Or perhaps the south of the city catches your eye, with the Belo Sur Mer’s sandy lagoon. For some building ships momentum, this is the place. Rely on our location scout manager to know the shortest, safest way to any of these places. Film permits are also our specialty, like many other production-related tasks. Explore this area’s filming potential with our support, a top local production company. Dare to take your production to the next level when filming in Morondava.

film permits madagascar morondava

Filming in Ifaty

When you want a place to reflect the chill island vibes, our location scout manager knows where to take you. Take, for example, Ifaty, a southwest coast town. Get all the b-roll you need, including gorgeous sunsets shots by the ocean. Capture the coral diversity or the special chirping of the birds in Reserve Reniala. If you are wondering how a film fixer in Madagascar can be useful to you, we have the answer.

With our help, you get to focus on the creative part of the production, while we handle the dull tasks. Film permits, approvals, and other bureaucratic steps are all part of our portfolio. We deal with the local authorities, so you get to make the most of the Madagascar filming locations. Set your goals and we ensure nothing is missing on set. With our top production support, filming in Ifaty or any of Madagascar’s locations is a breeze.

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